When you get excited about something, you will not feel the need to wallow in your misery.Explore new activities and indulge in something that you never thought of doing.

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Steer clear from abusing drugs and alcohol as they will only exacerbate the problem.

7 effective ways to stop feeling so lonely all the time Are you frustrated at how you still feel alone in a crowd of people?

] #3 Indulge in something new One absolute way of crushing the feeling of loneliness is to take up something new.

The key is to keep your mind off being solo and if you try something new, you will have something different to focus on.

People who suffer from an acute sense of loneliness feel that way no matter how many people they have in their lives.

If not addressed, loneliness will inevitably lead to depression, spurred on by the crushing feeling of not having anyone who understands you, or feeling abandoned by those closest to you even if that is not the case.Talking to someone else will do wonderful things for your situation.Do not underestimate the power of a shoulder to lean on, even if you have to pay for it.Whether you sign yourself up for therapy, or sit through coffee chats with a friend, releasing all you worries onto someone else may just be the biggest solution to your problem.Remember that you are only human and there is no shame in asking for help.[Read: 13 happy things you need to ensure you have a perfectly happy life] #2 Tell yourself you are not alone Loneliness does not discriminate, and no matter how well things are going in your life, you can be prone to feeling lonely.